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Victoria Day Weekend in Moose Jaw

Posted in Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Sukanen Ship and Pioneer Village, Travel, Western Development Museum with tags , , , , , on June 19, 2016 by Amanda

Once again, it has taken me an incredibly long time to get around to writing a blog post.  As this post is nearly a month late, I’m sure it will be considerably less detailed than it would have been had I written in a more timely manner.  It was quite windy but otherwise the weather was pretty good.  Moose Jaw definitely has quite a lot to do as despite this being my second visit to I still didn’t see everything.  I also realized that the park adjacent to the library was quite a bit large than I’d thought.


Downtown Moose Jaw

I found the Sukanen Ship and Pioneer Village the most interesting place.  It is actually about a ten minute drive from the city.  The Sukanen Ship is definitely the weirdest part of the place.  Basically, there was this guy named Tom Sukanen who started telling people he was going to build a ship and sail it from Saskatchewan back to his native Finland.  Everyone thought he wasn’t serious but he did actually build the ship though, of course, he never sailed it to Finland.  He actually ended his life here in North Battleford at the mental hospital.  He was originally buried here but his body was later moved to a spot adjacent to this ship.  It took about three hours to explore this place as there were close to fifty buildings.  It clearly isn’t a professionally curated museum which actually makes it more interesting in a way.  Some of the buildings were quite full of old items and there were a plethora of old vehicles.


Sukanen’s ship

The Western Development Museum was also interesting.  There were several things with a connection to North Battleford including information and a plane from an aviation club that had been here.  I hadn’t realized how many different car manufacturers there had been in the early part of the twentieth-century!  I think I found the trains, which you can go inside, the most interesting.


A train car