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Today I discovered that a flight cancellation can actually be a really good thing!

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On my return from Uganda (my trip is not much more than two months away now!) I was scheduled to fly from Entebbe to Amsterdam to Paris to Minneapolis to Saskatoon; the connections in both Amsterdam and Paris would have been pretty tight and there would have been enough time in Minneapolis to explore either the city or the Mall of America had I managed to make the connections. Today I received a phone call informing me that the flight from Paris to Minneapolis had been cancelled; so, now I’ll be going from Entebbe to Amsterdam to Minneapolis to Saskatoon. I will have one less flight, no tight connections, and a good portion of a day to explore Amsterdam. I think this is a much better itinerary and I got it by paying quite a bit less than it would have cost if I’d originally booked it! Plus, if I stay around here for a while I’m more likely to have a layover in Minneapolis than in Amsterdam in the future.

Moose Jaw etc.

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I returned early this evening after spending a couple of nights in Moose Jaw. I went there because of work but I did also have some time to look around the city.

On the drive down to Moose Jaw, the traffic certainly wasn’t heavy (but is traffic ever heavy on highways in this province?) but there were so many oversized loads on trucks. It was quite warm on Thursday (around 23) but it was really windy; actually, it was really windy the whole time I was gone but the temperature definitely decreased as it was 0 when I woke up this morning and didn’t reach the double digits today.

I found Moose Jaw to be quite walkable which was good as the parking lot at my hotel kind of scared me and since I found a spot that I felt comfortable backing out of I really didn’t want to lose it. In particular, I enjoyed walking in Crescent Park. I think I would have spent more time walking around had it not be so incredibly windy!


Main Street


Crescent Park

Before leaving this afternoon, I did one of the tours of the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. It was okay but I it is too bad you can’t just explain on your own. I don’t think it helped that the guide said things like “the most warmest” and “1969 which was in the 1970s.” I also made a slight detour to take a picture of the giant moose.


The giant moose

After leaving Moose Jaw, I stopped a few times to take some pictures on the way back. In particular, I walked around a strange little town called Chamberlain. It has a gas station that on first glance (when I drove through the first time) looked abandoned but actually isn’t (they just never bothered to remove broken, rusted pumps) and what must be the most rundown-looking post office in Canada.


Gas station in Chambelain