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Ottawa (and the challenge of getting there!)

Posted in Airport, Driving, Flying, Ottawa, Travel with tags , , , , on June 7, 2015 by Amanda

IMG_1172I was in Ottawa for a few days last week at a conference.  I actually don’t have a whole lot to write about my time in Ottawa; it was a typical conference and the weather was quite nice.  I do think that my experience in getting there (detailed below) did make me a bit more tired and less interested in exploring than I’d typically be.

Unfortunately, I have a lot more to write about getting to the airport on Tuesday than I would have thought possible.  I did end up there in the end which I guess is what is really important.  I left my apartment, put my bags in the back of my car, and got in.  Almost as soon as I began driving, I knew something was wrong.  The car felt very shaky.  I pulled over not far at all from my place and discovered a very flat tire on the front of the passenger side; I’m sure if it was any other tire, I’d have noticed before I even got into my car.  By the time the tow truck arrived, it was already looking iffy about making it to the airport in time.  When I found out that that tire was ruined, I called WestJet.  I actually end up not being a big deal to be moved to a flight to Calgary leaving three hours than my original flight to Toronto.  It did mean getting in rather late though.  Anyway, I found out at the dealership that there was no replacement tire available in town.  They ended up putting one of my winter tires on my car temporarily and I was able to get the airport in plenty of time for my rearranged flight.

The way back from Ottawa Friday evening went well but it was also a bit weird.  When I went through security, I was told that my flight was delayed.  However, when I looked at the monitor it showed as being on time.  Strangely, half of the flights actually were delayed.  We actually boarded early.  In Calgary we started boarding on time but as it was a rather empty flight, we left early and arrived in Saskatoon about 20 minutes ahead of schedule which was much appreciated that late at night.  Not far out of Saskatoon, there was an accident and all I could see for quite a while was police lights.  Both lanes were blocked and for a moment I feared there’d be some long detour but a police officer was directly traffic around the side that ended up being fine.

I’ve been super lazy this weekend, even by my standards!  I think I’m still a bit exhausted.