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My most exciting shopping discovery in ages!

Posted in Cadbury Easter creme eggs, Cadbury Screme eggs, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Shopping with tags , , , , on August 13, 2012 by Amanda

Tonight I discovered Cadbury Screme eggs. They are just like Cadbury Easter creme eggs but have a green yolk rather than a yellow one. They must be intended for Halloween. I was so excited when I noticed them sitting in a box on the counter at the Bargain Shop! I had been thinking I’d have to wait until close to Easter for something like this.

The wrapper of the Screme Egg.

The inside of a Screme Egg.

I realize I’ve been extremely neglectful of this blog. Not a lot has happened lately and what has happened has not been good. In particular, I experienced a very upsetting and disturbing situation near the end of June. I’m sure I’ll eventually write about it but I really don’t feel like writing about it at this time.