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Christmas etc.

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So, once again I’m rather belated to writing a blog post.  I don’t have a good excuse this time; I’ve simply been very lazy.

I flew to Toronto on the evening on December 17 and then headed home the next day; I returned here on the evening of Boxing Day.  I didn’t book flights until the end of November and these dates worked out cheapest when I booked.  As it turned out, I found that there were better dates available a bit later for around the same price.  Despite there being relatively late availability at pretty low prices, both of my flights ended up being completely full.

The weather ranged from kind of warm to unbelievably warm.  It really didn’t feel like Christmas.  I thought around Christmas in 2011 was warm but this is undoubtedly warmer.

A lot of what I did over this vacation was pretty unremarkable (eg. shopping).  However, I did visit an open house of a really interesting house built out of shipping containers in St. Catharine’s.  Although it was super narrow, with three stories it actually had quite a bit of room.  I think it would actually be a pretty livable though it could have definitely used more closet space!  I also went at looked at the Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls for the first time in years.


The exterior of the shipping container house.

My flight back to Saskatoon wasn’t terribly enjoyed.  Even before boarding, I somehow managed to lose my watch.  I think it must have happened going through security screening but I didn’t notice for a while as I went directly to the lounge and ate first and then couldn’t find it; luckily it was a cheap watch and I found another cheap one the next day at 60% off.  There were super annoying kids behind me on the plane that were singing and yelling for like 3/4 of the flight and the mother certainly didn’t do much to stop them; they were way worse than babies crying and I’m certainly not a fan of that!  We have an aborted landing; it was annoying rather than scary.  It didn’t like having to suddenly gain altitude when we were able to land.  The luggage took forever to appear which is uncharacteristic for Saskatoon and then it took a while to get a taxi to the hotel (I stayed at the hotel after instead of before this time).  Anyway, I think I was really annoyed because I just wanted to sleep and coming back to -23 wasn’t fun either.  I’m very glad though that I didn’t have to drive home that night.  Also, after seeing what happened to other Air Canada flights in subsequent days I know I actually didn’t have that bad of experience.

Now, I’m back in North Battleford and I think it will be a while before I travel anywhere.  At least, the temperature has been much improved lately!