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Forest fire!

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Today has definitely not been a dull day! I went home at lunch and everything seemed normal but not long after arriving back at work I learned of a forest fire not too far from where I live. A couple of hours later I left work for a bit to get some stuff just in case (clothes, books, my computer, my passport). Everyone else was clearly doing the same thing as traffic was completely insane. After work I wasn’t able to go back home. It sounds like the fire has now changed course and everything should be okay though the airport is apparently now closed. I am back at my place now but I am keeping stuff in the trunk of my car overnight just in case things change.

There is getting to be some news stories published about the fire but less than I’d have expected but it does seem difficult for Labrador to make national news.

It has also been record-setting hot (32 degrees!). It is hard to believe that we had snow less than a month ago!

St. John’s & back!

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One of many steep streets in St. John’s.

I returned this morning from an extended long weekend visit to St. John’s. The trip went well though my return was rather stressful. Everyone else on the plane got their bags and left but my bag was nowhere to be seen. I went to the desk and, after confirming that no bags were left on the plane, I was told that my bag was probably still in St. John’s. It seemed a strange time for a bag to go missing as it was a nonstop flight on a small plane was not even quite half full. I don’t think there were more than about checked-in bags! Anyway, as soon as I arrived at my place I received a call saying they had found my bag: it had been taken off the plane but hadn’t been put on the belt. So I left my place and had my bag a few minutes later. I suppose there are some advantages to living some so tiny. I was so relieved to have my bag back. After all, I had done a fair bit of shopping in St. John’s. It is really amazing how exciting stores I totally took for granted (eg. Dollarama, Wal-Mart, Sobey’s etc. etc.) are to me now!

I did do some things other than shop while I was in St. John’s, though I must admit that I went to a mall before I started sightseeing. That’s something I’m sure I’d never do if I lived just about anywhere else. I saw most of the recommended sights in the city though I didn’t bother looking into seeing any of the outlying sights. I either walked or took a bus everywhere. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to have driven on a lot of the downtown streets and I’m sure I’d have screwed up parking and have had my car roll down a hill!

The weather was generally quite nice though Saturday was rather windy. I did a lot of walking and the city is very hilly. I got a blister on one toe and my left knee is bothering me. I think I probably walked too much but it was so much interesting walking there than it is here!

Spring please, please come back!

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I truly thought spring was finally here.  It was 17 and sunny the other day; it felt so warm.  A lot of snow had melted and walking was very possible.  But it is has turned much colder and there is both snow (up to 10 centimetres!) and freezing rain in the forecast for tonight.  I am really hoping the forecast is wrong but it seems that forecasts here tend to be fairly accurate.