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January definitely is endless but apparently pseudo-spring is not!

Posted in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Sidewalks, Walking, Weather, Winter, Work with tags , , , , , , on January 25, 2014 by Amanda

After one of the most frustrating weeks of work ever, I really didn’t feel like doing much today. However, I saw that it was +3 and sunny outside and that it is forecast to drop well into the minus double digits overnight and not get anywhere near the current temperature anytime in the foreseeable future. So, I made myself go on a walk. While the weather was great the sidewalks, with a few short exceptions, were not! It was a good reminder of why I haven’t walked to work in forever even though if the sidewalks were clear it would be a ten minute walk at most.


A slippery section of sidewalk


A very, very slippery section of sidewalk


A rare and much appreciated section of clear sidewalk!

January: the endless month?

Posted in Boredom, January, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Travel, Uganda, Vacation, Weather, Winter with tags , , , , , , , , on January 19, 2014 by Amanda

For some reason, January seems to have been going on forever and today is only the 19th!

Lately, we have actually been seeing positive temperatures which is quite surprising and would seemingly makes things better but somehow time still seems to passing in an incredibly slow manner. Tomorrow morning’s high is just -19 even though it is still just 0 outside and as it’s snowing, real winter seems to be returning.


The unwelcome sight outside!

Not much has been happening which may explain why this month seems endless. Actually, that’s not quite true; while nothing is happening in the present, I have made exciting plans for the summer. I have a trip booked to Uganda! I’ve been wanting to go there for years but it just never happened because it is the kind of trip that actually needs to be booked well in advance (due mostly to the limited availability of gorilla trekking permits) and I have booked most of my recent vacations not all that long before departing on them. It is good to have something definite to look forward to but it is still so far away (nearly six months).

Maybe now that I have written this pretty pointless post, time will manage to pass a bit faster?

Ignorant parking: North Battleford edition (part 2)

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Back in the summer I wrote a post on ignorant parking here in North Battleford. That post only included one picture. I have collected a few pictures for the second post in what may sadly become quite a long series of posts.  Here are the new pictures:


I think this one is pretty self-explanatory!


While the lights were on (well, sort of) and someone was in the car they were definitely parked there for at least a few minutes.


This thing made a whole row of parking spots unusable plus I think it would be tricky for that one car to back up.