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Shopping on Good Friday

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I just returned from shopping.  It looks like the stores are all open normal hours today and even on Easter Sunday will be open close to normal hours.  I guess the laws in Saskatchewan must be different than in other provinces as I’m certainly not living in a tourist destination!  While the stores weren’t that busy this morning they weren’t dead either.  Other than the fact that it is Friday and I’m not at work and that I saw a man carrying a big wooden cross down a street followed by about a dozen people, you really wouldn’t know it was a holiday weekend here.

So windy!

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Red = closed

The last couple days have been super windy here! Supposedly, it is now spring but there has been a huge amount of snow blowing around yesterday and today.  As I have just been driving on the main streets in the centre of the city, I haven’t encountered any difficulties.  However, most of the highways surrounding the city are closed and apparently a number of streets even within the city are pretty bad.  I have not been stupid enough to try to find the really bad streets but here is a picture of a sign bent by the really strong winds:IMG_7324

A retraction

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In my last post I said that it seemed that spring might not be that far away.  I need to retract that statement.  It has been rather cold.  It has snowed a fair bit.  The weather forecast is not looking good.

This and that

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Once again it has been a while since I’ve written a post.  I haven’t done much worth writing about but at least I haven’t been bored!

I think I have been getting a bit too excited about sales on groceries and such after experiencing the near non-existence of them in Labrador.  I really need to stop buying so much but I have been spending a lot less of groceries here but I’ve ended up with so much stuff.  Plus, yesterday I took advantage of the bonus points redemption at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

This morning, I went to a Meetup event for the time since I left Abu Dhabi.  It was a pretty good brunch for $18.99, especially since I ate more than that much worth of dessert!  Now, I really need to focus on losing weight again!  The brunch was in Saskatoon as there aren’t any groups here in North Battleford.  I guess I could try starting once here but I’m not sure I’d get many members and Saskatoon really isn’t a bad drive.  Afterwards I went shopping as the selection is Saskatoon is considerably better than here.  I particularly enjoyed going to an Indian grocery store (that also had some Middle Eastern items).

While some mornings here have still been rather cold here, spring seems like it might not be too far away.  It is staying light into the evening though the change here is gradual as we don’t have daylight savings time here.