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I’m SO not going to miss this place!

Posted in Apartment buildings, Fire, North Battleford, Saskatchewan with tags , , , on July 8, 2017 by Amanda

IMG_6864So, I’m back inside after over an hour spent outside in the middle of the night.  This time there was a real fire down the hall.  Apparently, someone set a door on fire.  I somehow slept through (I guess having a loud fan on high helped) guys in red bandannas banging on people’s doors.  The police were apparently here just before the fire.  The guy that lives in that apartment wasn’t home.  I woke up to smoke detectors going off and lots of screaming.  There was a lot of smoke in the hall.  I was really worried about how bad things would smell in here especially as they let the people on the first two floors back in a while before those of us on the third floor were allowed back in.  The hallway does stink from the fire extinguisher but my apartment is surprisingly okay.  But as the title of this post states, I’m SO not going to miss this place!

Big news

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I was going to write this post a bit earlier this evening but was interrupted by the fire alarm going off in my building.  It was nothing; some idiot probably pulled it.  Anyway, I have some big news: I will be starting a new job in Ontario on August 1.  I am definitely ready for this change as I’ve been in North Battleford, SK for nearly four and a half years.  I am not really looking forward to clearing out this apartment though!

I have (obviously) completed ignored this blog this year.  Until now, it has not been the most exciting year but a few things have happened.  I will really try to write posts to make up for this soon.  If not, here is a summary:

  • I was home for Christmas/New Years
  • I went on a trip to Costa Rica in March
  • On Victoria Day Weekend, I went to Elk Island National Park and Edmonton
  • I visited the Great Sandhills yesterday

Victoria Day Weekend in Moose Jaw

Posted in Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Sukanen Ship and Pioneer Village, Travel, Western Development Museum with tags , , , , , on June 19, 2016 by Amanda

Once again, it has taken me an incredibly long time to get around to writing a blog post.  As this post is nearly a month late, I’m sure it will be considerably less detailed than it would have been had I written in a more timely manner.  It was quite windy but otherwise the weather was pretty good.  Moose Jaw definitely has quite a lot to do as despite this being my second visit to I still didn’t see everything.  I also realized that the park adjacent to the library was quite a bit large than I’d thought.


Downtown Moose Jaw

I found the Sukanen Ship and Pioneer Village the most interesting place.  It is actually about a ten minute drive from the city.  The Sukanen Ship is definitely the weirdest part of the place.  Basically, there was this guy named Tom Sukanen who started telling people he was going to build a ship and sail it from Saskatchewan back to his native Finland.  Everyone thought he wasn’t serious but he did actually build the ship though, of course, he never sailed it to Finland.  He actually ended his life here in North Battleford at the mental hospital.  He was originally buried here but his body was later moved to a spot adjacent to this ship.  It took about three hours to explore this place as there were close to fifty buildings.  It clearly isn’t a professionally curated museum which actually makes it more interesting in a way.  Some of the buildings were quite full of old items and there were a plethora of old vehicles.


Sukanen’s ship

The Western Development Museum was also interesting.  There were several things with a connection to North Battleford including information and a plane from an aviation club that had been here.  I hadn’t realized how many different car manufacturers there had been in the early part of the twentieth-century!  I think I found the trains, which you can go inside, the most interesting.


A train car


May masquerading as summer

Posted in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Weather with tags , , on May 5, 2016 by Amanda

I realize I haven’t written a blog post in months.  This is mostly because not much has been happening.

Today is a bit cooler (23) but the last few days it reached 30 degrees.  I really can’t believe that it is just the beginning of May.  It really feels like the middle of the summer here this week!  We haven’t had rain in forever and today the air is a bit smoky.  It always amazes how far smoke can blow.

What delayed my grocery shopping this morning

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I headed out to my car with the intention of going grocery shopping this morning but my car was very white.  Now, my car is permanently dirty but has always had a brownish tint to it; today, it was very white!  There was some sort of foam on the back (which I later found out from the police officer was from a fire extinguisher) and a fairly thick layer of white stuff around the whole car.  Other cars in the parking lot had some of this stuff on them but mine was by far the worst.  I managed to get the white stuff off the windows so I could see to drive and I went to a car wash.  When I came out of the car wash, my car looked quite clean but as it dried it looked not nearly as clean.  However, it looks like most if not all of the white fire extinguisher stuff came off which I suppose is the important thing.