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My stuff is here! My stuff is here!

Posted in Canada Post, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Mail, Neighbours, Noise with tags , , , , , on September 27, 2011 by Amanda

After work, I stopped by the post office and I had a notice that I had a package. I have a bunch of packages on their way so I didn’t know that my belongings had finally arrived. I figured that was the case when the guy told me to drive to the back of the post office. I am still in the process on unpacking them but so far things seem intact. I am so happy that they are finally here as I was really starting to wonder if they’d ever arrive!

I’m still trying to figure out what to do about my hellish neighbours. I don’t know why people can’t be more considerate! I deserve (and the law agrees) to have peaceful enjoyment of my home, after all.

Hiking at Birch Brook

Posted in Birch Brook, Hiking, Labrador with tags , , on September 18, 2011 by Amanda

The weather today is fantastic. It is sunny and it actually feels like fall!

I left town for the first time. I didn’t go all that far out of town but it was still nice to leave! It felt pretty strange to driving as fast as 90 k/hr. There was little traffic and everything looks so much better when you don’t see all of the ugly buildings like you do in town. I decided to go hiking at a place called Birch Brook which is about 15 kilometres outside of town. This place is used for cross-country skiing in the winter.

Sign at the entrance

Birch Brook was almost deserted. I saw just one man there and our two cars were the only ones in the parking lot. There were signs saying you were supposed to sign in at the chalet but it looked pretty much abandoned. Maybe it is busier if you go later in the day? Despite the place having a deserted feel, I think it had the best signage of any place I’ve ever hiked! There were even “You are here” maps!

A "you are here" map

There are a lot of trails and I only hiked for about an hour and half as I was a bit too warmly dressed. Thanks to Canada Post, wearing my hiking pants that convert into shorts wasn’t an option. I was glad I went though and it was a really pretty, peaceful place. I’m sure I’ll go back and explore more in the future.

It’s official – I should not have sent my belongings via Canada Post regular parcel service!

Posted in Canada Post, Frustration, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Purolator with tags , , , , on September 17, 2011 by Amanda

The aforementioned packages were estimated to arrive a week ago yesterday. This morning, Canada Post scanned them for the first time since they’d left the post office in Thorold and they have made it all the way to Mississauga. So, it took almost three weeks for them to move less than a 100 kilometres! They have to travel about 2400 kilometres in total. So, I am guessing I’ll be lucky if I have them in a year if this pace continues! I was expecting they must almost be here or at the very least, waiting for a enough stuff in somewhere in Quebec for it to be worthwhile to bring them to Labrador. But no, they’ve hardly left their destination!

You can’t call Canada Post on weekends. So, I filled out forms for “service tickets” stating they were past their estimated delivery dates. I had to fill out all the information three times even though the only difference was the tracking numbers.

On a more positive note, I did managed to get my package from Purolator on Wednesday. Plus, it was forecast to snow a little overnight and it didn’t!

Where, oh where are my packages?

Posted in Canada Post, Frustration, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Mail, Purolator with tags , , , , , on September 13, 2011 by Amanda

I am getting really, really frustrated. Things seem to take forever to get here. I know things aren’t exactly going to arrive in Labrador the day after they’re shipped but I didn’t think they’d take this long either.

I have been spending a lot of time on the phone with Purolator the last few days. I ordered a phone at the end of August and the tracking was good until it apparently left Quebec City on September 2 and then there was no more information. For a few days Purolator apparently had problems with its tracking and when you called their phone number, they pretty much told you to wait while they fixed things. I finally got a hold of someone yesterday and was told that my package would arrive today. But it did not arrive; instead, their website “address correction required” even though they have the right address. I called them this evening and after waiting a long time once again (somewhere they are always experiencing “higher than usual call volumes”!), I was told that maybe it would be available for me to pick up tomorrow or maybe not until Thursday. I asked where it would possibly be if it wasn’t at the pickup location and was told it wouldn’t be accessible. It seems crazy! Aren’t couriers supposed to be faster than the mail?

I am also awaiting three large packages from Canada Post. They were estimated to arrive on Friday but they are not here. I really wish Canada Post would, at least, provide some tracking information for regular shipping! I want my stuff! Perhaps I should have paid the $100 per package and brought them on the plane with me instead of being cheap and sending all three through the mail for just over $100 total. They are insured and they are pretty large, so I would really think Canada Post would try not to lose them but who knows.

Dear Canadian Tire …

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For some mysterious reason, I have been receiving flyers for your store in my post office box. You see there in no Canadian Tire store in Happy Valley-Goose Bay where I reside; in fact, according to your website, there isn’t even a Canadian Store in all of Labrador. The closest Canadian Tire location must be hundreds, perhaps even, thousands of kilometres from here.

To be completely honest, when I lived in Ontario I only shopped at Canadian Tire a few times per year. But here I am, living in a place with limited shopping options and generally outrageous prices, and I really, really want to shop at Canadian Tire! And the reason for my desire to shop at Canadian Tire is seeing all the really good prices on items I want in your flyer.

I’m sure if you built a store here, you’d have lots of customers. I would be content if you would offer online shopping (if I recall correctly you did in the past) with free shipping! At the very least, could you please stop sending me your flyers? I really am unable to resist looking at them and it is incredibly depressing to see that such amazing deals are not available to me.