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Rain, rain, and more rain

Posted in North Battleford, Rain, Saskatchewan, Weather with tags , , , on June 21, 2014 by Amanda


So, it is currently raining and it rained a lot this morning and last night too. Actually, other than Thursday evening when I managed to take a very pleasant walk, it has either been raining or looking like it is about to rain for quite a long while now. I am so sick of all this rain! I will stop complaining now.

Only in Saskatchewan?

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One of the grocery stores here (Co-op) lists all of the games of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a CFL football team, on their bags. I noticed this strange occurrence last year but I didn’t end up blogging about this subject. This evening, I noticed that they were doing this again so I’m assuming that they do this every year. This is the first time I’ve seen these bags this year but as I rarely go to this grocery store (it is generally overpriced) they may have been around for a while. I definitely haven’t seen grocery bags advertising games or any sort of event for that matter, anywhere else I’ve lived!

A visit home

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Last Wednesday, I decided to book a trip home pretty last-minute. Amazingly, I was able to do this using Aeroplan points which really kept the cost reasonable. I was also able to rent a car at the airport for a surprisingly affordable price. By the way, I was also surprised at how quick and easy it is to rent and return a car at Pearson.

I had to take three flights on Friday which was rather tiring. Luckily, today I only had one flight and it was in business class which made it much more bearable. Still, I’m rather tired. I am really making an effort not to go to bed too early tonight, though.

The reason I made the decision to go home was to see my dying grandmother. Actually, I was pretty unsure if she’d still be alive when I arrived on Friday evening but she survived until very early yesterday morning. For a multitude of reasons, I’m not going to go into detail about her death but I am positive I made the correct decision to visit her.

This, of course, was far from a typical trip home. Still, I did have a chance to do some shopping which included visiting the new outlet mall which I thought was pretty nice.


The outlet mall