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My very frozen window

Posted in Apartment, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Winter with tags , , , on February 12, 2014 by Amanda

If I have the heat in my apartment on its lowest setting, my apartment gets pretty warm but if I turn the heat off it gets really cold after a while. So I’ve been alternating between turning the heat on and off which is fine during the day but not so much fun when I have to walk to my dining room in the middle of the night! Today a rather obvious suggestion was made to me which I had somehow not thought of: to keep the window in bedroom open a little while keeping the heat on all night. I attempted to open my window this evening but it that is presently impossible! I knew that the windows in my apartment weren’t the greatest and there was so frost on them but I was not prepared for just how frozen this window was!  The good news is that I think that opening just the inner window is definitely allowing some cold air in.


My very frozen bedroom window


A closer view!

It’s -23 but according to The Weather Network “rain could be on it’s way”

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Yes, I’m writing any post about the weather. Clearly, nothing is really happening in my life.

Anyway, I was just looking on The Weather Network’s website and noticed that the temperature had risen to -23 which is sadly a considerable improvement over the -30 I saw this morning.  I also noticed the following message beside the current temperature: “It is sunny now but rain could be on it’s way, track the precipitation with your Satellite and Radar map.”  Of course, there is a zero percent chance of this at these temperatures!  You’d think The Weather Network would realize this.