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The last while

Posted in Christmas, Driving, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Niagara, Ottawa, Travel, Weather, Winter with tags , , , , , , , , on December 24, 2011 by Amanda

I’ve been a bit lazy and haven’t written a post for a while. I’m now home in “tropical” Niagara for Christmas. Actually, today hasn’t been that warm but it felt shockingly warm when I arrived on Thursday evening.

The temperature in Labrador Wednesday morning.

The temperature in Niagara Thursday evening.

I definitely didn’t have a good week before heading home. Thus, I was really excited to be getting a break from Labrador. I won’t go into all the depressing details but I had a very upsetting incident where some moron turned into my car while I was going straight through a green light and he wasn’t even apologetic!

I flew from Goose Bay to Halifax to Ottawa on Wednesday. There were a couple minor annoyances but things went pretty well overall. It was pretty miserable in Ottawa Wednesday evening because of freezing rain. Luckily Thursday was much better and I was able to wander around with a friend and enjoy lunch at a vegetarian restaurant. I flew to Toronto on Thursday evening.


Plugging in my car

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The temperature here has dipped back down below -20 again (and the windchill is in the -30s). So I plugged in my car for the first time. I think it is still a bit borderline in terms of if it is necessary to plug cars in but it is probably a good habit to get into as it is such a foreign thing for me. I am a bit paranoid that I’ll accidentally drive off sometime without unplugging my car! I am glad I’ll be in Ontario in a week and a half, where the weather sounds so warm now!


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There was a pretty major snowstorm (at least by my standards, it was pretty major) here yesterday and overnight. While the snowfall amount was significant, it was the wind that really made it severe. It also didn’t help things that my neighbours used their snowblower to blow all the snow in front of their place around my car. I think the amount of snow around my car quadrupled within an hour!

I had been thinking that because the elementary and high schools were closed all day yesterday even though the snow didn’t actually begin until around noon, that the storm wouldn’t be as bad as forecast as in my experience whenever they think things are going to be so bad that places are closed in advance that the weather ends up way better than forecast. Sadly, I was very wrong. Maybe my logic from Ontario just doesn’t apply here?

The good news is that work was canceled this morning though it reopened for the afternoon. Today was very sunny and the roads were remarkably clear. Some of the snowbanks are insanely high which makes turning a bit tricky. I may take some pictures of those tomorrow…

It is definitely cold now but it doesn’t feel as bad as I’d anticipated …

Posted in Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Snow, Temperature, Weather, Winter with tags , , , , , on December 7, 2011 by Amanda

The temperature got all the way up to -16 this afternoon; overnight and this morning it was down into the -20s. Surprisingly, it really hasn’t bothered me as much as I though it might! While I certainly am not going on a long walk tonight, it is definitely bearable outside for a few minutes. I guess I should have plugged my car in last night but it started just fine this morning. It did take a few tries to get my car door to shut this morning. I am hoping that the lock de-icer stuff works.

Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up considerably but I’m not excited as there is supposed to be a lot of snow. For now, at least, I prefer the cold over the snow. Maybe I’ll change my mind once it gets into the -30s or even colder?