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What delayed my grocery shopping this morning

Posted in Cars, Fire extinguisher, Frustration, North Battleford, Saskatchewan with tags , , , , on September 12, 2015 by Amanda

I headed out to my car with the intention of going grocery shopping this morning but my car was very white.  Now, my car is permanently dirty but has always had a brownish tint to it; today, it was very white!  There was some sort of foam on the back (which I later found out from the police officer was from a fire extinguisher) and a fairly thick layer of white stuff around the whole car.  Other cars in the parking lot had some of this stuff on them but mine was by far the worst.  I managed to get the white stuff off the windows so I could see to drive and I went to a car wash.  When I came out of the car wash, my car looked quite clean but as it dried it looked not nearly as clean.  However, it looks like most if not all of the white fire extinguisher stuff came off which I suppose is the important thing.