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More frustrated and confused than ever!

Posted in Canada, Confusion, Frustration, Home, Job search, Saskatoon, Travel with tags , , , , , , on May 30, 2011 by Amanda

It is now practically June and I still don’t have job. I think the better weather is actually making me more depressed because it is a clear sign of just how long it has been since I last worked. Except for a couple freelance prospect research assignments, I haven’t worked in eight months! Sure, I was travelling for some of that time but I’ve been looking for a job now for close to five months. The worst part is I just found out this afternoon I didn’t get a job that I was actually fairly hopeful about as it was quite similar to the job I had in Abu Dhabi. I did get a free trip to Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago for the interview but it is still so frustrating especially since I really liked Saskatoon.


I’m now really starting to wonder if I can find a job in Canada at all. Maybe I should go travelling again? I was certainly much happier doing that than I am being here searching for an elusive job. But I think that I’d eventually have to come back here and I’d likely be in the same situation I’m in now. I am just so confused about what to do. Any suggestions?