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Pictures added

Posted in Pictures, Travel with tags , on January 11, 2011 by Amanda

I’ve added pictures to most of my posts from my trip.

I’m home

Posted in Canada, Home, Travel with tags , , on January 7, 2011 by Amanda

I arrived home yesterday and everything went very smoothly. Remarkably, I’m not even jetlagged at all! I’m not dealing so well with the temperature here though. I went outside for about thirty seconds and my teeth were chattering for minutes afterwards! There are quite a few things I need to do so I guess I won’t be bored immediately. I did go to the bank and open a US dollar account today which was a big relief after carrying around more money than felt safe for a few days. I really wish the Canadian dollar would start going down rather than up but I can wait a while for that to happen. I also had a veggie burger at Harvey’s! It feels very strange to have so much stuff after travelling around for a couple months with so little. I need to deal with the many pictures I took on my trip. I think the number diminished near the end as I got tired of taking pictures. I will try to add a picture or two to my blog entries soon.

Not NOT in Abu Dhabi

Posted in abu dhabi, Travel with tags , on January 5, 2011 by Amanda

For this post only, the new title of my blog is wrong as I am actually in Abu Dhabi. I’m leaving at 2:30am tomorrow morning so my departure is getting quite near.

I got through immigration at 11:30pm on January 1. As this visa rules changed on January 2, I was really cutting it close. The immigration guy made a point of telling me if I had come half an hour later I would not have been allowed in without a prearranged visa. My flight here left on time and was scheduled to land a bit early throughout. I did have a bit of a scare when there were announcements on the plane asking for doctors and then nurses or paramedics (I guess there weren’t any doctors on board the plane); I was worried that they might have had to land the plane because someone was really sick. I know that was a bit irrational as I’ve been on a plane with a similar announcement before and the plane arrived just fine but I was not really convinced I’d get into Abu Dhabi.

I really haven’t been doing much here. I went to Dubai as well. I am really ready to just be out of here but I’m sure I’ll soon be very, very bored at home.


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The good news is that I’m sitting in the premium lounge at Changi airport awaiting my flight to Abu Dhabi. The bad news is this is the last flight that I’ll have lounge access for some time I fear. I don’t anticipate flying Etihad again and I’m nowhere close to having it with any other airline. It is really nice and comfortable sitting here with just a handful of people, sitting in really comfortable chairs, and consuming free food and drinks. So far my flight is on time and I managed to get moved to right near the front of economy. Still, I’m rather nervous.

I haven’t really done a whole lot the last few days though I sent little time in my hotel. I basically wandered around and shopped (well, mostly window-shopped as I have little room for purchases). It is a nice city but it is definitely a whole lot more expensive than I’ve grown used to though generally cheaper than Canada. I did visit the Asian Civilizations Museum which was really quiet and relaxing until a group of really disinterested teenage boys showed up.

As hotels here are relatively expensive, especially at New Year’s, I stayed in a budget hotel in the red-light district. The hotel was perfectly okay and I really didn’t find the neighbourhood bad but I did manage to shock some Singaporeans when I told them where I was staying! There was a tour group staying there the first night (I saw them getting on their bus in the morning) and some people with little kids so the clientele of the hotel seemed okay though there was a lot of less okay activities nearby.

I went last night to see the fireworks. There were so many people there but once I got through the crowd and onto the subway it was surprisingly not that crowded. While waiting for the fireworks I got talking to some teenagers who live in Singapore and they were talking about how boring Singapore is and how the police are way too strict. With Singapore being so tiny they would have to leave their whole country just to leave their city; it certainly is so much different than a city like Canada.