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Last night we had the first snow that stayed on the ground here. The strange thing was that although only a few centimetres fell, the trees had so much snow in them! It was too dark to get a remotely decent photograph this morning and by now the snow is mostly gone. While having an actual snowfall in October isn’t good news by any means, I was happy with how easily the snow fell off my car.

For once, shopping wasn’t disappointing!

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Generally I find shopping here to be underwhelming at best. This afternoon I went looking for a snow brush/scraper for my car as we’ve already had a bit of frost and it would have been helpful the other morning. Anyhow, I was pretty impressed with the selection at Home Hardware. They had pink ones! I didn’t even know they existed. So, of course I purchased one!

North West River

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This afternoon I visited North West River, a very small community place 30-some kilometres from here. It is quite pretty there and though much smaller than here, it definitely looks a lot nicer (ie: less ugly buildings). I took a bus there as there was a free bus offered as part of Culture Days which is going on this weekend. I figured why spend my money on gas when I don’t have to! There were just over twenty people on the bus and a lot of them were from Katimavik. We went to the Labrador Heritage Society Museum and the Labrador Interpretation Centre; the former being an old Hudson’s Bay Company store and the latter being a very modern building. Both were interesting though they were both quite small. I am still not used to the small-scale of most things in Labrador, I guess. Anyway, here are a few pictures:

Along the water

Labrador Heritage Society Museum

Inside the museum

Labrador Interpretation Centre