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Mervin, Turtleford, Edam

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for days now but I just haven’t gotten around to it but I’m writing it now as I leave for a vacation on Saturday and I want to write this for leaving!

Anyway, on Saturday I decided to explore a few nearby towns. I had found a restaurant on Happy Cow which is located in Mervin, which is quite a small town. I thought it was worthwhile visiting as it is the only listing on that site anywhere in this part of Saskatchewan as vegetarian food doesn’t seem too popular around here. Lunch was fairly good though smaller that I expected, which is probably not a bad thing. The town had a weird feel to it and as I town a couple of pictures that were not aimed at any people or moving vehicles, so old man asked “Do you want us to pose for you?” I really couldn’t tell if he wanted to be in a picture or was upset because I was taking picture of his town? Anyway, it was just a strange experience.


The restaurant in Mervin

After lunch, I drove the short distance to Turtleford which is a bigger town though not all that large where they have a giant turtle! I thought Turtleford was quite a nice little town.


Turtleford’s giant turtle!


A nice little park in Turtleford

After that I headed towards home but stopped at Edam where they have a windmill beside the highway.


Edam’s windmill

A ghost walk at Fort Battleford

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Tonight I went on a ghost walk at Fort Battleford. There had been three this year already this year that I’d thought of going to but for various reasons didn’t. But tonight I finally went on one!

I arrived more than ten minutes before the 9 pm start time but encountered a line that stretched out the door. I had thought that I had arrived more than early enough but I was clearly wrong. So, I ended up on the fourth tour which was supposed to leave at 9:45 but actually left about ten minutes later. If I ever go on another ghost walk there, I’ll be sure to arrive much earlier!

I found the fort was quite a lot different than what I had expected but I’ve only visited forts in Niagara and Halifax previously which were considerably older. It was smaller than I expected and just had a very different look; it really didn’t look like a fort to me!

Anyway, I enjoyed the ghost walk overall even though I found it more funny than scary. There were a few sudden noises during the tour and couple people seemed genuinely scared, though. I was a bit surprised that no one got hurt as the guide had a lantern which provided the only light and some of the group (of 16 if I counted correctly) was often a fair bit back and we walked through buildings with stairs and a fair bit of furniture. I think I would have liked it more if I didn’t spend more time waiting for the walk to start than actually walking but it’s not like I really had anything better to do this evening.

My second day trip with my visitors

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On Monday, we went to see the Berry Barn which is just outside of Saskatoon. They grow Saskatoon berries there but the season for those recently ended. They did have quite a few related (and unrelated) items for sale and my mom found several things to buy there. The view there was also very nice.


The entrance to the Berry Barn


Behind the Berry Barn

Afterwards we went to a bunch of places in Saskatoon that I’ve previously visited.

On the way back we decided to get off the highway at the town of Borden. We looked at the outside of the museum in Borden but couldn’t go inside as it is closed on Mondays (the only day it is closed!) but I’m not too sure that there was all that much more to see inside anyhow.


The outside of some of the buildings of the museum in Borden


This store was also closed

My visitors have now departed. It feels a bit weird to have my place all to myself again!

Prince Albert

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I drove to Prince Albert yesterday. I have my parents and brother visiting me right now so I decided to go somewhere that they hadn’t came through on their way here and won’t go through on their way back home; plus, I hadn’t been there before either!  We all thought that the scenery changed quite a lot in the 200 or so kilometres between here and there. Here are a couple of pictures of Prince Albert:


Prince Albert


Along the river in Prince Albert


Just this side of Prince Albert.

On the way back we also stopped in Blaine Lake which is about halfway between Prince Albert and North Battleford.


Blaine Lake


Just this side of Blaine Lake.