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To Nepal and back

Posted in abu dhabi, Frustration, Nepal with tags , , on October 26, 2010 by Amanda

My trip to Nepal was very good and I think, until the last couple of days of it, I was able to basically keep my mind off of things here. I’ll hopefully have my pictures up in the next few days but unfortunately there are things that are much more pressing.

I’ve been rather overwhelmed with all the needs to be done before I leave. I still haven’t sold my car and some other things. I’m starting to get worried about selling the car. I need to get so many things signed off on before I can get my final work cheque. Speaking of which, it looks like I’ll have to have my internet cut off very soon as I need to have a letter saying it is cancelled and that takes three days after it is cancelled. Of course, you can’t arrange to have the internet cut off at a later date; they will cut it immediately after you request for it to me done. It seems like such a stupid system but I guess I shouldn’t be at all surprised as this place is aptly described by many as a “logic-free zone.”

While I am still quite upset about how things have turned out here, I am thinking that there really isn’t all that much I’ll miss about living here. It is definitely not the easiest place to live.

An update

Posted in abu dhabi, Travel with tags , on October 3, 2010 by Amanda

Time seems to be moving very slowly for me right now. Sleeping and eating have been quite erratic though if you average everything I guess you could they are normal. For instance, I’ll sleep 12 hours one night and four the next. I have sold a few things but I have come to the conclusion that I will stop trying to sell things for the time being that will make life too inconvenient not having (eg. fridge). I am also, at this point, only willing to sell my car for near the asking price. It really does not seems worth the inconvenience of not having a car or the cost of renting one, if I don’t get a fair price for my car. In the end I know that I may have to take less than the car is worth but at least I’ll get it use it for a while longer.

I can stay in my apartment until November 5. I have come up with a rough plan for travelling. I have figured out that it will quite a bit cheaper for me to use miles to fly there and then fly to Abu Dhabi and then fly home. I can also store a suitcase here and save the cost of shipping things home this way. So, I’ll fly to Bangkok on November 5 and then travel over to Cambodia. I’ll then go back to Thailand (maybe fly?) and travel through to Malaysia. I might go over to the Borneo part of Malaysia or see some of Indonesia. In any case, I’ll fly from Singapore to Abu Dhabi on January 3. I’ll fly home from here on January 5 or 6. I haven’t book that flight yet. I saw a really good price of a flight but before I booked it is went up a lot. Now I’m trying to see if prices go down at all or if I should take a flight with 2 stops as they are much cheaper. In any case, I plan to book a flight in the next few days so I won’t have that to worry about.