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Ignorant parking: North Battleford edition

Posted in North Battleford, Parking, Saskatchewan, Shopping, Stupidity with tags , , , , on July 26, 2013 by Amanda

When I first moved to North Battleford, the standard of parking didn’t seem all that bad. However, it seems that now it gets worse pretty much every time I venture out shopping! There are a lot of people who stop here on their way to the lake during the summer; so, these people likely don’t actually live here. Still, it really seems like I have a knack for living places (Exhibit A = Abu Dhabi & Exhibit B = Goose Bay) where many people’s parking goal is to inconvenience as many people as they possibly can! Here is tonight’s example of people successfully meeting that goal:


A Scenic Lookout

Posted in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Scenic Lookout with tags , , , on July 13, 2013 by Amanda

On my drive back from Saskatoon this afternoon, I decided to follow the sign on the highway that says “Scenic Lookout.”  I’ve seen the sign a bunch of times now but I’ve never bothered to stop before.  The sign once you leave the highway had been knocked down but it was pretty clear where to go anyway.  Here are a few pictures:IMG_7589