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A long weekend visit to Edmonton

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This weekend I went to Edmonton.  It was an easy four hour drive each way (well, other than the drivers who decided to drive about 113 in the passing lane when the speed limit was 110!).  On the way there, I stopped in Vegreville to see the world’s largest Ukrainian Easter egg.


The world’s largest Ukrainian Easter Egg

I first visited West Edmonton Mall.  It is undoubtedly large but I didn’t find it overwhelming; perhaps because I visited Dubai Mall so much?  The mall certainly had a lot of non-shopping activities (eg. a waterpark) but I only went shopping.  I really liked Simons, a store I’d never even heard on before.  I also walked around downtown for a bit in the evening.


West Edmonton Mall


A view of downtown from my hotel room

Yesterday I visited the Royal Alberta Museum which was pretty interesting and half price in the morning!  Afterwards, I went on a free tour of Government House which is located next door; it wasn’t all that interesting.  I also went on the High Level Bridge Streetcar, which is a restored 1912 streetcar and travels on the aforementioned bridge over the North Saskatchewan River and I walked around Old Strathcona which was once a separate city.


The streetcar entering the “station”


Inside the streetcar


Old Strathcona

Today I went to South Edmonton Common because I wanted to go to Ikea but I also spent a couple of hours afterwards looking at some other stores.  It is apparently Canada’s largest retail power centre which seems to mean a bunch of adjacent plazas containing smaller stores (including some outlets) plus standalone big box stores.  I think I would prefer a large mall so I’d only have to park once instead of ten times!

A visit to Saskatchewan’s only lighthouse

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The weather here is summer-like but as there is still quite a lot of snow that has yet to melt outside of town I decided that attempting to hike still wasn’t a great idea. There are some fields that are very dry, some that are quite flooded, and some that are still covered in snow. It is definitely strange to see snow on the ground when the temperature is in the mid-twenties!


Instead, I opted to visit the lighthouse in Cochin which is about 40 kilometres north of here; it is the only lighthouse in Saskatchewan. This proved to be an good idea as the stairs up to the lighthouse were very dry; it was rather windy there though. The lighthouse definitely looks a lot better from afar than it does up close; it looks rundown and is covered in graffiti. The view from the lighthouse is very nice though!