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More frustrated and confused than ever!

Posted in Canada, Confusion, Frustration, Home, Job search, Saskatoon, Travel with tags , , , , , , on May 30, 2011 by Amanda

It is now practically June and I still don’t have job. I think the better weather is actually making me more depressed because it is a clear sign of just how long it has been since I last worked. Except for a couple freelance prospect research assignments, I haven’t worked in eight months! Sure, I was travelling for some of that time but I’ve been looking for a job now for close to five months. The worst part is I just found out this afternoon I didn’t get a job that I was actually fairly hopeful about as it was quite similar to the job I had in Abu Dhabi. I did get a free trip to Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago for the interview but it is still so frustrating especially since I really liked Saskatoon.


I’m now really starting to wonder if I can find a job in Canada at all. Maybe I should go travelling again? I was certainly much happier doing that than I am being here searching for an elusive job. But I think that I’d eventually have to come back here and I’d likely be in the same situation I’m in now. I am just so confused about what to do. Any suggestions?

Missing sidewalks etc.

Posted in abu dhabi, Apartment, Arrival, Confusion, Sidewalks, Travel with tags , , , , , on August 7, 2010 by Amanda

My flight back to Abu Dhabi went very smoothly and we landed about 50 minutes early. I was through immigration in no time (as usual there were no lines) and my luggage came relatively quickly. However, I did forget what level I’d parked my car on in the airport parking garage. I knew the exact spot where it was parked; I just had the level wrong! I felt a bit stupid but overall everything went shockingly well.

When I parked my car behind my building, I noticed that a small section of sidewalk was missing. It was dark and I assumed that it was probably just this small section that had been dug up. Today I realized that I was very wrong! While the sidewalk in intact in front of my building in front of my building and in a few other sections, more of has been dug up than not. It looks like they dug up fairly random parts. Hopefully, this is over soon! But after being gone for three weeks I should have expected some sort of surprise and as surprises go this really is pretty minor. I think I would have screamed (and cried) if my power had been off! There had been some notices on the doors of my building and neighbouring buildings before I went on vacation. As they were in Arabic I didn’t read them but I’m thinking they probably said something about the sidewalks being dug up. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the former sidewalks:

I am having the most horrible week!

Posted in abu dhabi, Cars, Confusion, Nissan Tiida, Police, Settling in, Work, Work week with tags , , , , , , , on March 30, 2010 by Amanda

Until this evening I thought I wasn’t having a good week at all and this evening I’ve realized that it has been absolutely horrible! There have been a lot of changes this week at work and things have been stressful and confusing. I guess I’ve also been feeling a little homesick and in need of a vacation. I have on coming up on April 24 but I’m really wishing I’d scheduled it earlier. I really thought I’d feel more settled in here six months after being here than I do.

What made this evening so bad was finding a big dent in my car and having to deal with all the police station stuff. I started by going to the closest police station but was told to call Saeed (the traffic police) and have them come. I then had that police officer, whose English was almost non-existent, slowly fill out a form. I surprisingly didn’t cry (but I think I’m at the point of being too worn out to cry which means I am actually feeling worse than when I do cry) but I must not have been looking so okay as an native English-speaking man approached me while I was still talking to the police officer and asked me if I was okay. When I thought I was done with all the police stuff I was told to take the paper I’d been given and go to an police station and when I first got there I was told I needed to go to another but thankfully someone else directed me to a police officer who went a took a photograph of the car. The police officers here were very friendly and spoke decent English and one was surprisingly knowledgeable about Canada but they didn’t think I should be feeling upset or confused! Anyway, after that I called my insurance company and was told to scan or fax the documents to them. Of course, my scanner was not cooperating at first; but, eventually I got everything scanned and sent. So, I need to wait and see where I have to take the car. I was planning to go away for the weekend as I really need a change of scenery but I’m not sure what will be happening with the car.

Car post #? + an exciting find!

Posted in abu dhabi, Availability of products, Cadbury Easter creme eggs, Car Servicing, Confusion, Nissan Tiida, Shopping with tags , , , , , , on March 20, 2010 by Amanda

Yes, I have yet another car story to tell. Basically, it is unbelievable how different taking your car in for service here is from home. Firstly, it is apparently normal (and very important) here to have to take you car in for service once you’ve reached just 1,000 kilometres. So, I was obedient and took my car in this morning as it has just passed the 1,000 kilometre mark. I had to bring it in for 8am and there were a lot of people doing the same. You have to park your car in the parking lot and then one of the 20(!) or so service advisors comes out to look at your car’s mileage and such. I was told the car would be ready by 4pm and was driven back to my place. At home, you have your car back in an hour or so and thus, there is no need to go back home.

Around 10am I decided to have a nap and was woken up by a phone call at around 11 and told that my car was ready. If they’d told me it would only take three hours, I would have just taken a book and read in the dealership’s coffee shop! So, I went back there and this time the place was much quieter. There were only a few customers and most of the staff were just sitting there. The guy behind the Renault counter looked like he would actually fall asleep at any moment! Anyway, I was told when to go to the cashier (even though I didn’t have pay anything) and I was given a piece of paper called a “gate pass” and then had to wait a while for a guy to bring my car to the door. I have no idea what way meant by “gate pass.”
All in all, the whole experience left me feeling very confused but the good news is that I don’t have to go back there for a while!

On the way back I stopped to go grocery shopping and I finally found Cadbury Easter creme eggs! They weren’t even expensive and the British ones are the same in appearance and taste as the ones in Canada (which isn’t a given; I find American V-8 tastes a bit different than Canadian V-8). I only bought a package of six as my self-control has been pretty much non-existent and my weight is currently on the high side! You can buy almost anything here but it is often a rather frustrating scavenger hunt because it is really unpredictable where something will be sold. For example, you can find something for weeks at one place and then suddenly never see it there again! However, it can be incredibly exciting to find something you’d given up on ever finding!

Some confusion, on my part, about what day it was …

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Until last night, I had presumed that I had adjusted perfectly well to the whole Sunday to Thursday work week situation. But in truth I apparently had merely replaced Sunday with Monday, Monday with Tuesday et cetera, et cetera.

I made this discovery in a somewhat embarassing way. Someone said that she had just come from church and I responded by saying that people seem to go to church on weird days here. By the way, I do know someone who does go to church on Thursday evenings.

This wasn’t one of those (much too numerous) times when I say something and then immediately realize the stupidity of what I just said. Instead, she gave me a strange look and said that it was Sunday! I had clearly been thinking that the first day of the work week equals Monday. I guess people who go to church on Sunday don’t make such errors but I’d certainly rather be incredibly confused than subject myself to church!