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Remembrance Day = Statutory Holiday

Posted in Canada, Provinces, Remembrance DAy, Statutory holidays with tags , , , on November 11, 2011 by Amanda

In this province Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday so I’m sitting here in my pajamas at nearly noon instead of being at work. In Ontario it was always just a day of work or school. I was surprised to find that Newfoundland and Labrador is actually more typical as the only provinces that don’t have Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday are Ontario and Quebec. It looks like Ontario is actually pretty stingy on statutory holidays as I will have some statutory holidays next year that I had never even heard of! I’m certainly not complaining though.

More frustrated and confused than ever!

Posted in Canada, Confusion, Frustration, Home, Job search, Saskatoon, Travel with tags , , , , , , on May 30, 2011 by Amanda

It is now practically June and I still don’t have job. I think the better weather is actually making me more depressed because it is a clear sign of just how long it has been since I last worked. Except for a couple freelance prospect research assignments, I haven’t worked in eight months! Sure, I was travelling for some of that time but I’ve been looking for a job now for close to five months. The worst part is I just found out this afternoon I didn’t get a job that I was actually fairly hopeful about as it was quite similar to the job I had in Abu Dhabi. I did get a free trip to Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago for the interview but it is still so frustrating especially since I really liked Saskatoon.


I’m now really starting to wonder if I can find a job in Canada at all. Maybe I should go travelling again? I was certainly much happier doing that than I am being here searching for an elusive job. But I think that I’d eventually have to come back here and I’d likely be in the same situation I’m in now. I am just so confused about what to do. Any suggestions?

A month of pretty much nothing

Posted in Boredom, Canada, Job search, Nothing, Travel, Weather, Winter with tags , , , , , , on February 5, 2011 by Amanda

So I’ve been back in Canada for just about a month; I arrived back here on January 6. Nothing interesting has happened which I suppose explains why I’ve failed to update this blog in nearly a month. I’m starting to become rather bored.

I still haven’t really adjusted to the weather though I haven’t really tried to either. The weather has been basically what I’d expected it to be but that certainly hasn’t made it any easier!

I hate winter!

I’ve applied to some jobs. I had one interview but it turned out to be completely pointless as this job was for way fewer hours than the advertisement had indicated. While I’m okay with a part-time position I think I need something that averages more than an hour or two per week.

Naturally I’m already rather tempted to go travelling again. But what if I suddenly start hearing from jobs I applied to? Also, I think I really enjoy the anticipation of trips that I plan months in advance. But it would be so nice to be somewhere it isn’t freezing!

I’m home

Posted in Canada, Home, Travel with tags , , on January 7, 2011 by Amanda

I arrived home yesterday and everything went very smoothly. Remarkably, I’m not even jetlagged at all! I’m not dealing so well with the temperature here though. I went outside for about thirty seconds and my teeth were chattering for minutes afterwards! There are quite a few things I need to do so I guess I won’t be bored immediately. I did go to the bank and open a US dollar account today which was a big relief after carrying around more money than felt safe for a few days. I really wish the Canadian dollar would start going down rather than up but I can wait a while for that to happen. I also had a veggie burger at Harvey’s! It feels very strange to have so much stuff after travelling around for a couple months with so little. I need to deal with the many pictures I took on my trip. I think the number diminished near the end as I got tired of taking pictures. I will try to add a picture or two to my blog entries soon.

I’m headed back to Abu Dhabi tonight

Posted in abu dhabi, Canada, Etihad, Home, Travel, Vacation, Weather with tags , , , , , , on August 5, 2010 by Amanda

My vacation is almost over. I’ll be leaving for Abu Dhabi late this evening. So far, it looks like my flight should leave on time. I finally received a response to the complaint email I sent to Etihad regarding my flight here and I have been given more miles than I’d expected.

I have been incredibly lazy the last three weeks. I didn’t go very far at all. I spent a few days in Toronto, I went to St. Jacob’s and I went shopping over the river (the USA) and that was all. The weather here has been very pleasant though some people here think it is actually hot! It has rained but not too much.

The good news is that I am feeling very rested and stress-free. I am thinking that this won’t last for too long once I return to Abu Dhabi. Luckily, it is almost Ramadan so I’ll have shorter work hours very soon.