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January: the endless month?

Posted in Boredom, January, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Travel, Uganda, Vacation, Weather, Winter with tags , , , , , , , , on January 19, 2014 by Amanda

For some reason, January seems to have been going on forever and today is only the 19th!

Lately, we have actually been seeing positive temperatures which is quite surprising and would seemingly makes things better but somehow time still seems to passing in an incredibly slow manner. Tomorrow morning’s high is just -19 even though it is still just 0 outside and as it’s snowing, real winter seems to be returning.


The unwelcome sight outside!

Not much has been happening which may explain why this month seems endless. Actually, that’s not quite true; while nothing is happening in the present, I have made exciting plans for the summer. I have a trip booked to Uganda! I’ve been wanting to go there for years but it just never happened because it is the kind of trip that actually needs to be booked well in advance (due mostly to the limited availability of gorilla trekking permits) and I have booked most of my recent vacations not all that long before departing on them. It is good to have something definite to look forward to but it is still so far away (nearly six months).

Maybe now that I have written this pretty pointless post, time will manage to pass a bit faster?

Same same but even more snow

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This really isn't the best picture to illustrate just how much snow there really is here but I was just too lazy to actually venture outside!

I realize I haven’t posted anything in like a month. The reason for that is that there hasn’t really been anything much to say.  It is still snowing a lot here.  It is still really boring.  I still have unbelievably loud and rude neighbours.  Hopefully, I’ll have more to say in my next post.

My first post in over two months

Posted in Boredom, Frustration, Job search with tags , , on April 10, 2011 by Amanda

So I’ve noticed that it has been over two months since I last posted on this blog. There have been no posts because nothing much has been happening. I am taking an online records management course right now but who knows if that will be much help in the job search or not. I also might start doing some freelance research again.

I’ve had a few interviews but obviously I still don’t have a job. One of the interviews was really annoying because I was later told the reason I wasn’t hired was because I don’t have experience working in a medical library. Of course, they knew before they interviewed me that I didn’t have that experience. That interview just felt so pointless, especially since it was in a city a five hour drive from here! I’m getting increasingly discouraged and frustrated. And I’m still very bored.

A month of pretty much nothing

Posted in Boredom, Canada, Job search, Nothing, Travel, Weather, Winter with tags , , , , , , on February 5, 2011 by Amanda

So I’ve been back in Canada for just about a month; I arrived back here on January 6. Nothing interesting has happened which I suppose explains why I’ve failed to update this blog in nearly a month. I’m starting to become rather bored.

I still haven’t really adjusted to the weather though I haven’t really tried to either. The weather has been basically what I’d expected it to be but that certainly hasn’t made it any easier!

I hate winter!

I’ve applied to some jobs. I had one interview but it turned out to be completely pointless as this job was for way fewer hours than the advertisement had indicated. While I’m okay with a part-time position I think I need something that averages more than an hour or two per week.

Naturally I’m already rather tempted to go travelling again. But what if I suddenly start hearing from jobs I applied to? Also, I think I really enjoy the anticipation of trips that I plan months in advance. But it would be so nice to be somewhere it isn’t freezing!