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January impersonating spring

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It has been shockingly warm here for the last  while.  Yesterday morning, I was actually surprised that I survived the walk across my parking lot; it was so icy!  This afternoon, it reached +7 though the wind made it feel a bit colder.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was spring.  However, colder weather is supposed to be coming in a few days though thankfully not -30ish cold. I was convinced to suspend my laziness and went on a walk this afternoon.  The sidewalks were highly variable; some were clear and even dry while others were a complete mess.  If people actually shovelled their sidewalks, walking would be much more pleasant!

Messy sidewalk.

Messy sidewalk.

Clean sidewalk.

Clean sidewalk.

Bwindi area (Tuesday, July 29)

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Thankfully, the lights didn’t come on in the morning. The people who’d wanted them on at 5:35 had left!

After breakfast, had to visit three “human drug shops” in order to find a medication that is very common and easy to find at home.

Later in the morning, we went on a walk to visit a Batwa (pygmy) settlement. We were told that it was a flat walk and while it was so much easier than the previous day’s gorilla trek, there were still some hills to walk up and down. It was a very scenic and pleasant walk.

On the way to the Batwa.

On the way to the Batwa.

The group of Batwa we visited had moved out of the forest over twenty years ago though they have only been in their present dwellings for about three years. Their homes had been paid for by the Uganda government and NGOs. They people seemed genuinely happy to see us though it was likely motivated by the money they received from our visit; still, it was quite a contrast to the disinterest of the hill tribes I visited in Thailand. Some of the Batwa apparently had to be told to come back to their settlement from their fields prior to our visit. Clearly, tourist visits bring more money in than does farming! The leader of the group was an 87-year-old woman who was clearly still very active. The older Batwa were short but some of the younger ones really weren’t short which is likely due to dietary improvements in recent years. The Batwa performed some songs and dances.

January definitely is endless but apparently pseudo-spring is not!

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After one of the most frustrating weeks of work ever, I really didn’t feel like doing much today. However, I saw that it was +3 and sunny outside and that it is forecast to drop well into the minus double digits overnight and not get anywhere near the current temperature anytime in the foreseeable future. So, I made myself go on a walk. While the weather was great the sidewalks, with a few short exceptions, were not! It was a good reminder of why I haven’t walked to work in forever even though if the sidewalks were clear it would be a ten minute walk at most.


A slippery section of sidewalk


A very, very slippery section of sidewalk


A rare and much appreciated section of clear sidewalk!