Thunder Bay to Cochrane

Today’s drive was much, much better as there was way less traffic and on the few occasions that I need to pass it was quite easy!

As I was leaving Thunder Bay, I stopped at the Terry Fox Scenic Lookout which was indeed very scenic!  Not long after there was a group of about half a dozen black vehicles obviously traveling together at fairly high-speed; at least a few of them had small green lights at the back.

There looks to be quite a lot of work being done on that bridge in Nipigon that closed the highway (the only way across Canada) a while back.

In a place called Beardmore, I stopped to see the giant snowman holding a fishing pole.  The town has a nice-looking building housing a library and other places but otherwise the town looks rather rundown.


Beardmore’s snowman

I took a picture of an abandoned church in a beautiful location in Longlac.  I saw another couple interesting churches today but didn’t take pictures of them.  I keep finding interesting looking churches for some bizarre reason!

There was a fair bit of construction today but it really didn’t slow me down much as the lights didn’t stay red for long and no more than a handful of vehicles got grouped together.  There were a lot of transport trucks headed the other direction but very few headed my direction.  I saw one truck with Saskatchewan plates but I haven’t seen any other vehicles with Saskatchewan plates since leaving Manitoba though I’ve seen plates from just about everywhere else.

I found an interesting mural on the side of the library in Hearst.

Kapuskasing had a nice looking train station/museum but I looked at it from outside.

I stopped to see the UFO in Moonbeam.  While it certainly isn’t Roswell, it will suffice for now!


Moonbeam’s UFO

In Smooth Rock Falls, I saw the seemingly abandoned Smooth Rock Cafe adjacent to a most definitely abandoned gas station.

Tonight I’m staying in Cochrane which is big on polar bears and even has a polar bear painted on its water tower.  Their whole downtown looks to be under construction but I think it would normally be rather nice.  I had supper at Harvey’s.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this small town had a location.  They really do have the best veggie burgers!  I also noticed that a former Bi-Way location still has a sign after all these years.


Cochrane’s polar bear water tower

One Response to “Thunder Bay to Cochrane”

  1. I would so love to see those churches! sounds like your trip is going well! funny the black cars with green lights! Save journey!!!

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