Last month’s visit home

With my next trip rapidly approaching, I figured I should finally write about my last trip.  Clearly, I’ve been even lazier than usual of late!  Anyway, in mid-July I headed back to Ontario for a few days.  Of course just a few days after buying flights on Air Canada, albeit at a pretty good price for that airline, New Leaf finally started selling flights.  At least, my trip was a little bit before they actually started flying.

In addition to shopping in Toronto, I went on a free walking tour.  It was interesting but also a bit depressing as I hadn’t really thought about just how few historic buildings they have now.  I also hadn’t realized how huge a problem cholera and typhoid once were there and that there is a park with like 20,000 people buried and that bones periodically just appear.  There were other interesting stories but I can’t remember them now.  I guess this is why I shouldn’t wait over a month to write about something!  I also went to a vegan restaurant as I don’t have the opportunity to do that very often.  It was good but the “cheese” was a reminder of why I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian rather than a vegan

In Niagara, I mostly just visited with my family.  However, I also went to Ball’s Falls with my mom and we found that the falls were lacking in water.  I actually couldn’t believe just how dry everything in Niagara was!


Ball’s Falls


We also visited an old family cemetery that I hadn’t been to since I was a kid.  It is quite far off the road and I don’t think anyone would ever find it if they weren’t specifically looking for it; this really made me wonder just how many places like this exist but that hardly anyone knows about.  We also stopped by another, newer, cemetery nearby.  We were also related to more than half the people buried there.  My mom also pointed out where the one-room school she’d attended had been (“between those two houses over there”).  In Saskatchewan, ,many old schools still stand and even more have signs marking there location.  I’ve never seen a sign like that in Ontario which I think is kind of sad.  What I grew up thinking was the middle of nowhere I now find pretty densely population and not at all remote.  Rural southern Ontario really can’t be compared to rural Saskatchewan.  It is also amazing how much nicer some rural roads are in Ontario than some “major” highways are in Saskatchewan.  There are now windmills scattered all over the place which was kind of strange to see.


Family cemetery

4 Responses to “Last month’s visit home”

  1. I enjoyed seeing the family cemetery as I hadn’t been there recently.

  2. His Awesomeness Says:

    What? No pics of the windmills?

  3. glad you had this time! 🙂

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