Nawalgarh: November 13

Nawalgarh was by far the smallest place on the itinerary.  I was really hoping that it be a pretty calm place to walk around.  In places that was the case but in places it was still very crazy.  Oh well!

Nawalgarh was still a very interesting place to walk around and was quite different from other places we visited.  It is known for its frescoed havelis; haveli means “house of winds” in Persian and the havelis have nice open area courtyards.  There are many of these buildings around town, though few are very good condition.  It is very evident that this was an incredibly nice and wealthy town.  from the mid 1700s to the 1920s, Nawalgarh was on a busy caravan route and these homes belonged to merchants.

Our hotel was one haveli in good condition as were the two museums: Morarka Haveli Museum (not that great) and Podar Haveli Museum (excellent).  Besides seeing the beautiful haveli itself at the latter museum, there was interesting information about the caste system and about Rajasthani culture.  I realized just how many communities in Rajasthan have forts, castles, and palaces.  I think one could easily do a trip just visiting the ones that people rarely visit; maybe I’ll do just that someday!


The entrance to the Podar Haveli Museum

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