Jodhpur: November 10

Today was the day before the start of Diwali.  As such, shops were busy and places were just more festive feeling.

I found that Mehrangarh Fort also included an audio guide in the price.  It was also good but a bit shorter than I’d expected.  Not long after going through the fort’s entrance I noticed signs for ziplining which kind of surprised me.  I decided to go see how much it cost and found it was only half the maximum price I was willing to pay.  So, I went ziplining.  There were six lines, one of which over water.  They gave really nice views of the area around the fort and of the Blue City but didn’t go through the fort itself (which definitely shouldn’t have been a surprise).  On one of the lines, three of the four of us didn’t quite make it to the end but otherwise it was quite easy.  I found the fort interesting enough but I really though the ziplining was better!

Then it was over to the Blue City which wasn’t nearly as blue as I’d anticipated.  Apparently, it used to be more blue.  Anyway, it was an area of the city with houses (many blue) along steep, narrow, winding passageways.  The inhabitants are Brahmins but being high caste clearly doesn’t always translate to having money.


A street in the Blue City.

I next headed to Jaswant Thada as known as the Taj Mahal of Marwar. It’s a former cremation site of the Marwar rulers and is still a burial ground. It is quite beautiful and peaceful but doesn’t take long to see.

At lunch it was evident that all the tuk tuk drivers take all the tourists asking for lunch to the same place! It was a good and reasonably priced restaurant though and thali was probably the largest yet! There was a lot leftover.


The enormous thali!

I was then taken to an “antique market.”  I was very disappointed as it definitely wasn’t what I consider a market to be; rather, it was just an area with a bunch of antique stores that were clearly aimed at tourists.  I did go into one of them and didn’t enjoy the experience.

I then headed to the Clock Tower and visited the surrounding market.  It was very busy with people preparing for Diwali and was clearly visited mostly be locals.  It was an interesting place and I also bought a few souvenirs.

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