Delhi: November 15

My last day in India was mostly spent shopping.  As I didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of markets, I mostly went to malls.  The security at the malls was pretty high.  It was kind of like flying and you usually had to show your receipt upon leaving  a store.  Still, it was much more relaxing than dealing with the chaotic markets.

I went to the malls mostly be metro.  The metro had similar security to the malls.  It was super cheap, straightforward, modern, and clean.  It didn’t really seem like India!  I traveled on the women’s car.  Despite the trains having six to eight cars and only one women’s car, I think the women’s car was generally less crowded!  When we stopped at one station, a security guard put a blind man in; I assume he was just being lazy (the women’s car is the first on the train) by the looks the Indian women gave him.


Waiting for the train

Later in the day, I did go the market near my hotel. The experience made me glad I’d done most of my last minute shopping at malls!

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