Udaipur: November 8

Today began with a drive out to the Eklingji Temple which are about 30 kilometres outside of the city and dedicated to Lord Shiva.  This temple was very interesting and quite different from other temples I’ve visited.  The carvings on this temple, some erotic, are incredibly intricate.  The temple is also located in a very scenic location.  In the same area, we also drove by some partially sunken temples.  Upon leaving the area, we had to wait for a few minutes as a truck was blocking the road; judging by the line in front of us, others had to wait much longer!


Some of the carvings at Eklingji

We then headed to a large, more modern temple.  It was fairly busy and photography was completely banned.  Upon leaving, I tried my first street food.  The chickpea flour coating was great but the inside (green chili pepper) I didn’t like so much after a bit.

Back in Udaipur proper, I went on a boat ride on Lake Pichola with a stop on one of the islands.  Some of the other islands house outrageously priced hotels.  I then headed over to the City Palace.  Entry to the museum (the paid part) was pretty confusing as there was a “No Entry” sign next to the entrance.  The palace was also very nice.  On the way back to the hotel, I walked through a former zoo which is now a park; some hints of the zoo remain such as animal garbage cans.  I think it is probably better than it’s no longer a zoo.  I was a very calm, hassle-free place to walk.

I discovered that the day before a leopard had been wandering around the area near the monkey temple we visited near Jaipur.  I’m not sure if missing was a good or bad thing.

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