To Udaipur: November 7

Today was a long, yet worthwhile, day of travel.  We left the hotel in Pushkar at 6 am as we had to be sure to arrive at a train station by 10 am.  Naturally, the train actually ended up departing at almost 11 am!  Waiting wasn’t all bad though.  There were some interesting things to see, like a woman carrying an enormous boxes of papadums on her head.  This train line is still using 1930s technology and only travels around 19 kilometres an hour.  It travels through mountains and as it is so turny you can often see the front of the train from the back (and vice versa).  The train is rather basic, used mostly by locals, and surprisingly calm.  I think I’d seen way too many tv shows of Delhi and Mumbai trains where people push like crazy to get off and on!  Part of the reason the train has trouble staying on schedule is that it stops wherever monkeys are hanging around the tracks and both the locals and tourists feed them!


The train!

We had lunch at a very local restaurant.  The thali was very affordable and very good.  It was a little spicy but very manageable.

Upon arrival in Udaipur, it was clear that it is a very attractive city. It seemed cleaner and less chaotic.  We stopped a a place where you could have clothes custom-made but I (as did most others) thought it was overpriced.  I think I was proven right when I saw similar places offering much cheaper prices the next day.  Anyway, it was kind of interesting to watch the process.  We also stopped for a quick look at one of Udaipur’s lakes.  The city is sometimes called the Venice of the East.

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