To Jodhpur via Ranakpur: November 9

Today started off with a couple really good photo stops.  The first was a couple guys each leading a camel carrying hay.  The second one was quite interesting to watch but it is much harder to describe.  I think I’ll just show a picture!


The area we drove through was fairly mountainous and apparently is home to a large number of leopards (though we didn’t see any!).  The government is thinking of creating a leopard sanctuary here.  The road is nicely paved but barely wider than a bus which made the drive extra interesting!  Plus, there were lots of monkeys hanging out on the side of the road.

We stopped at the Chaumukh Temple, a Jain temple, in Ranakpur.  It is supposed to be the best Jain temple in India.  An audio guide was included in the entrance price.  The audio guide was very informative.  I didn’t previously know much about the Jain religion other than its dietary restrictions.  This was the second time I’ve had an audio guide included at at the site (the first was Alcatraz) and it made me wonder if I should stop being so cheap at places that charge extra for audio guides.  The best views of the temple were from a bit further away at some small, outlying temples and a lot of people didn’t visit them.


Chaumukh Temple for afar

As we neared Jodhpur we stopped at a motorcycle temple, Om Banna. A guy died near the site of the temple. His motorcycle was brought to the local police station after his death and apparently, on the first two anniversaries of his death the motorcycle started on its own (it had no gas in it). So, the temple was created and the motorcycle was put there in a case. This place apparently has been featured in a documentary but I’d never heard of it before. It was definitely an interesting and very unexpected place to visit!

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