Pushkar: November 6

I loved Pushkar!  I was quite different from everywhere we visited.  It is a spiritual Hindu town located around a lake (Pushkar Lake) and it has over a hundred temples.  The town is completely vegetarian and also alcohol-free.  Before my trip I was really excited about visiting a solely vegetarian town but as India is so vegetarian-friendly anyway it ended up not being quite as exciting as I’d anticipated.  It is also known for its western hippies and drugs are apparently quite heavily used here (it didn’t notice anything though).  It just seemed more like a backpacker ghetto to me.  I think I liked Pushkar so much because it was a really nice break from all the hassle I encountered elsewhere in India and prices were very cheap!  It was a really walkable place where I was mostly left alone.  It certainly wasn’t typical India and I won’t have wanted to spend a long time here but it was a really nice break!



I didn’t actually go instead the temples.  I actually find their entrances more interesting.  I did walk around the ghats a bit though.  I really is the type of town to just walk around and explore instead of visiting specific attractions.

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