Jaipur: November 5

Today commenced with a short stop to look at/take pictures of the Palace of Winds which is one of Jaipur’s main attractions.  It was where women could observe but not be seen.  In pictures I saw before visiting it looked nice but in person it was actually pretty underwhelming.

The Amber Fort, on the other hand, did not disappoint at all!  It has the most impressive entrance and it is a rather short walk up to the for itself.  However, lots of people wait in line for overpriced elephants (which move very slowly) to take them up; it really makes no sense to me at all!  There were lots of people trying to sell souvenirs (quite typical of India) but they were sneakier here; one price sounded like a terrific deal until the seller said that the price was in Euros and not Rupees!


Amber Fort

I opted not to visit the City Palace and instead decided to visit the market in the afternoon.  This was definitely a memorable experience!  I thought we were heading down a very narrow walkway and then realized there were also motorcycles using this narrow passage; it really was insane!  It really wasn’t a place where I’d want to shop as I needed to focus on not being run over by a motorcycle etc. There were women trying on saris with large groups of people watching in still stalls.  Just outside the buildings, there was a guy doing dental work (I would think he wasn’t a real dentist) practically on a busy roundabout; I was definitely not expecting that!  The tuk tuk ride back to the hotel was a bit scary.  It was very bumpy and I ended up bumping my head a couple times.  There were lots of cows (of course!) along the streets and also some absolutely enormous pigs.  A metro is currently under construction in Jaipur and I have no doubt that the city needs it.

In the evening, we had dinner at a rooftop restaurant. They had Rajasthani dancers and a puppet show there.  After that, we headed to a Bollywood movie at Raj Mandir Cinema which is very famous.  The lobby is very fancy looking and certainly unlike any movie theatre I’d ever been to before.  While the movie was mostly in Hindi, there was also a fair bit of simple English used.  Each time smoking was shown there was a “SMOKING KILLS” message on the screen.  I’d heard that sometimes movie audiences at Indian movies danced in the aisles but there was none of that the this movie; maybe it was because the theatre wasn’t all that full.  I was tired and left at the intermission.  I really didn’t care what happened with the movie but it was still very interesting to see this theatre.


Part of the theatre’s lobby

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