To Delhi (via Toronto & Zurich): October 29 & 30

My flight to Toronto was uneventful.  My flight to Zurich had a medical emergency.  It’s amazing how there is always doctors and nurses on flights with medical emergencies.  Upon landing, we were told that we’d have to stay seated (though, of course, some people stood up anyway) and wait for ground medical personnel to take the sick person off the plane but we ended up being allowed to leave the plane pretty quickly and she was still on the plane; so, who knows what happened.

I had a 6.5 hour layover in Zurich and decided to explore the city.  It was quite quick to get through immigration and the train to the city was easy to find and it only took like ten minutes to get to the centre of the city.  It was still quite early and not much was open but as I only wanted to walk around that was totally okay.  Zurich seemed very nice and definitely looked European but I really didn’t feel I was missing much by not spending more time there.  Still, it was way better than sitting around the airport for hours!

I was very glad that I’d noticed that flughafen was the German word for airport as it would have been a challenge to find a train back to the airport if I hadn’t!

The flight to Delhi was pretty routine though I ended up eating a kid’s meal (a kid seated behind me didn’t want their meal because it was pasta and I offered to take it) and it was seriously the best airplane meal I’ve ever had; plus, it included kinder chocolate!  There was also the signature Swiss chocolate later in the flight!



One Response to “To Delhi (via Toronto & Zurich): October 29 & 30”

  1. it’s wonderful to have uneventful flights! glad they took good care of their clients!

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