Consequences of not using Daylight Savings Time

On the surface it would seem that life would be easier in places like Saskatchewan that don’t use Daylight Savings Time. While it is true that the time stays the same year-round there, I have encountered a couple of consequences of not using Daylight Savings Time. The first I’ve noticed is that the television shows end up being different times. This can definitely be annoying when a show I had watched when I got home from work is now over by the time I get home from work because it is now on earlier. This morning I noticed that the time on phone is now an hour ahead. The weird thing is that I didn’t have this problem when the time changed in the fall. I changed my time zone from Central to Saskatchewan (I hadn’t realized that was a time zone!) and though it looked fixed at first my phone is still an hour ahead. Hopefully, this problem works itself out as I think it could end up causing some confusion!


My phone is living in the future!


Every other time in my apartment is correct though.


Apparently “Saskatchewan” is one of the time zones!

For once, I will not be complaining about the weather. It was actually warm enough yesterday that I went for a walk and in the forecast the temperature is supposed to exceed zero every single day!


One Response to “Consequences of not using Daylight Savings Time”

  1. I am so happy you had nice weather for a walk!

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