The strangeness of Saskatchewan car insurance


I was very surprised to receive a letter in the mail from SGI today.  As Saskatchewan, unlike other provinces I’ve lived in, has government insurance it is everyone’s insurance company.  Upon opening the envelope, I immediately saw that a cheque was included; so, I knew it wouldn’t be bad news.  The arrival of this letter was perplexing as my insurance isn’t due to be renewed until March and I already went through the arduous process of getting a partial refund once I proved that I’m not really as bad of trouble as some people think!  When I moved here I was given a neutral rating until I provided letters from previous insurance companies showing that I had no at-fault claims.  It seems like a silly system as anyone with anything bad on their claims history could just not bother to provide SGI with that information and save a fair bit of money.  Before moving here I had heard that government car insurance was cheaper than private insurance companies but I am actually paying slightly more than I did in Labrador though I would definitely be paying more for insurance if I lived in Ontario.  It sounds like male drivers under 25 save a lot with SGI which I’m not so sure is such a good thing.  Anyway, a $12 cheque accompanied this letter.  While I’ll certainly cash the cheque, I really wonder why SGI went to all this hassle.  Couldn’t they just charge me $12 less come March?  Doesn’t it cost a fair bit of money to issue these cheques and send these letters?  I’m not really complaining but the car insurance system is Saskatchewan definitely seems strange to me!


2 Responses to “The strangeness of Saskatchewan car insurance”

  1. I don’t think governments are easy to understand anywhere. What are your plans for the $12.00?

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