A ghost walk at Fort Battleford


Tonight I went on a ghost walk at Fort Battleford. There had been three this year already this year that I’d thought of going to but for various reasons didn’t. But tonight I finally went on one!

I arrived more than ten minutes before the 9 pm start time but encountered a line that stretched out the door. I had thought that I had arrived more than early enough but I was clearly wrong. So, I ended up on the fourth tour which was supposed to leave at 9:45 but actually left about ten minutes later. If I ever go on another ghost walk there, I’ll be sure to arrive much earlier!

I found the fort was quite a lot different than what I had expected but I’ve only visited forts in Niagara and Halifax previously which were considerably older. It was smaller than I expected and just had a very different look; it really didn’t look like a fort to me!

Anyway, I enjoyed the ghost walk overall even though I found it more funny than scary. There were a few sudden noises during the tour and couple people seemed genuinely scared, though. I was a bit surprised that no one got hurt as the guide had a lantern which provided the only light and some of the group (of 16 if I counted correctly) was often a fair bit back and we walked through buildings with stairs and a fair bit of furniture. I think I would have liked it more if I didn’t spend more time waiting for the walk to start than actually walking but it’s not like I really had anything better to do this evening.


One Response to “A ghost walk at Fort Battleford”

  1. I would have joined you on the walk if I had still been there. It was very different from forts I have visited as well. I still think Fort Henry in Kingston is my favourite.

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