The Crooked Bush

This morning I visited the Crooked Bush, a small, mysterious group of twisted trees.  I’ve been meaning to visit here for a while  but hadn’t got around to it until today.


The sign along the highway for the Crooked Bush.

I had heard stories of people getting really lost looking for these trees but I found the drive to be signed.  From the highway the drive to the Crooked Bush took a lot longer than I had anticipated.  Not only were the roads unpaved but they were rather muddy in parts.  So, I ended up driving very slowly.  It occurred to me that driving here (not long after rain) might not have been the brightest idea ever but other than my car getting even dirtier everything turned out well.  Plus it gave me something to worry about other than work for a change!

Not surprisingly on a cold, windy, and dreary Sunday Morning I had the place totally to myself.  It was very interesting but was it was quite small I was only actually there for a few minutes.  Here are a few pictures:

IMG_7506 IMG_7510 IMG_7518


One Response to “The Crooked Bush”

  1. I once saw a tree that was mainly struck down and the roots were mainly out but yet the tree grew up again despite it! Real example of endurance and not being easily deterred…

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