Kenora to Yorkton

I began the day in Ontario, spent most the day driving through Manitoba, and finished the day in Saskatchewan.  The roads were a bit messy in parts and it is quite windy a lot of the way with snow blowing on the road.  It wasn’t scary but it did slow me down somewhat.


The sign at the entrance to Manitoba


The sign at the entrance to Saskatchewan

I made the mistake of filling up my car in Kenora at 122.9 when I would have only paid 104.9 if I’d waited until I entered Manitoba.  I think the prices in Manitoba must be set by the government as all the stations in the same area had exactly the same price.

I noticed a sign for a rest area not too far into Manitoba that said it had heated washrooms and sure enough the entrance was cleared well and the washrooms were open and clean.  This was a pleasant surprise!

Another interesting thing I noticed in Manitoba were signs for odometer checks.  The had numbered signs every kilometre for ten kilometres.  I guess they are for people to make sure their odometers are working?  I’ve never heard of odometers not working or odometer checks before!

I opted to drive through Portage la Prairie and have lunch rather than taking the option of bypassing the town.  I found lunch okay but it didn’t seem like the nicest place overall.

In contrast, I drove through Neepawa later and it was an extremely nice-looking town.  It is apparently the world lily capital and the place where Margaret Laurence grew up.

I finally saw some sunshine around 3 pm!


The Goliath

Upon entering Saskatchewan I drove through the town of Langenburg, home of the Goliath which is the world’s highest swing.  It is also is apparently the “town of the future” and has signs about “family & friends.”  It seems like this little town is really desperate for attention!

I am spending the night in Yorkton.  I decided to walk to a restaurant for dinner as it was less than a five minute walk from my hotel and  I was rather sick of driving.  This proved to be a mistake!  I fell on a really slippery section of sidewalk and then I fell again while trying to get up!  I’m not hurt but I suspect I’ll be bruised tomorrow.  On the way back I was extremely careful and didn’t fall; however, I was walking into the really cold wind.


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