Terrace Bay to Kenora

Today was another dreary day.  I didn’t see any sun at all but I didn’t have any trouble with my car today!

I was actually happy to see some frost on my car this morning as it actually allowed me get the windows clean (at least for a while).  It was only slightly foggy when I left Terrace Bay but it became really foggy off and on during the first 50 kilometres or so of the drive.  I really needed to slow down in order to see what way the road would curve!  There was some fog after that but it didn’t make me slow down much.

I noticed a bunch of signs while driving through Nipigon saying that they have the smallest Canadian Tire but I didn’t get off the highway to investigate just how small the store was.

I didn’t bother to see anything in Thunder Bay and just drove through the outskirts of the city and stopped for gas and an early lunch.  I’m sure there was plenty to see there as it is a pretty large place but I really didn’t have the time.

I entered the Central time zone today.  I was impressed that the entrance to the sign was actually well plowed!  Most places along the highway are closed for the winter and you can’t easily even enter the parking lots.

I noticed, for the second day in a row, a Greyhound bus was a Courier Express trailer on the back.  I guess there courier business must be doing well.

I just stopped for a few quick stops on the way to today’s final destination: Kenora.  The roads in this town are messy and I find it worse in a way to drive in a town was messy roads as it is really hard to guess where left-hand turning lanes and such are located!


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