Blind River to Terrace Bay

Today’s drive was definitely tougher than the drive yesterday.


Blind River

Not too long after leaving Blind River I had a warning light telling me that the traction control was off come on a few times and eventually just stay on.  This worried me a bit but I know that I’ve had cars before that didn’t have traction control at all!  I decided to get off the highway in Thessalon and when I turned off the car and started it again the warning light went off and stayed off for the rest of the day.  Hopefully, it was just a flukey thing.  I was interested in seeing Thessalon anyhow as my sister had spent a summer around there.  It was not quite as small as I’d expected.

I noticed that Bruce Mines, population 600, had an Indian restaurant which was surprising in such a tiny place.  Too bad I was there at 9:30 in the morning!

The roads got to be rather messy around Sault Ste. Marie.  I really didn’t see much there (other than the washroom in Wal-Mart!).

Not too far past Sault Ste. Marie I decided to stop at which looked like a great place to take a picture.  The snow didn’t look very deep but once I parked there I realized that the snow was deeper than it looked!  It took me a few minutes to get back on the road.  It didn’t have to resort to using a shovel but I think I’ll be much more careful about where I stop now.  I really felt like a moron after that!


The picture I shouldn’t have taken!

A bit later the road became not too great and there was really nowhere good to take a break.  I was very relieved when I got to Wawa though I ended up being disappointed with the town.  While it plenty of motels (which I wasn’t looking for early in the afternoon), there wasn’t a whole lot else there.  So I ended up having lunch at Subway which would have been more enjoyable had I not had dinner at Subway the night before.  I know Wawa is famous for its goose; I saw three large geese and ended up taken a picture of the least official-looking one as it was the easiest to take a picture of!

Luckily, the roads were clear after leaving Wawa.  There were a number of hills and turns but nothing too bad.  I also passed through White River, the home of Winnie the Pooh and by signs for Yellow Brick Road!

I was also surprised to see so many transport trucks (they were the majority of vehicles) especially as today was Sunday.

I drove to Terrace Bay and decided to spend the night here.  It is a really nice little town and did manage to find dinner somewhere other than Subway!


Terrace Bay


One Response to “Blind River to Terrace Bay”

  1. I like your picture and am relieved you were able to get going again. You don’t need to feel bad about the snow being deeper than you thought.

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