Trois Rivieres to Thorold

I arrived here late yesterday afternoon but was too tired and lazy to write a post until now.

I was woken up by the snow plow at the hotel around quarter to six on Sunday morning.  I wouldn’t have been so annoyed if there was enough snow to actually make plowing worthwhile!  Before leaving Trois Rivieres, I drove around the city for a few minutes and took some pictures.

day4 004

Trois Rivieres

I didn’t really enjoy driving on the highway in Montreal.  I think it would have been a horrible experience had it been during rush hour during the week as it seem pretty crowded on a Sunday morning!

Once I entered Ontario, I noticed that there are a bunch of new service centres along the 401 called ONroute.  They were very nice and clean.

day4 008

One of the ONroute service centres

One of the other places I stopped briefly stopped on the way home was Brockville.  There Wal-Mart is definitely the largest I’ve seen in Canada which is surprisingly as its not that big of a city; this Wal-Mart also has a Tim Horton’s inside.  Across the street I saw a car wash and that also contains a pet wash which is something I haven’t seen previously.

day4 009

The car and pet wash in Brockville

The drive was generally pretty routine but I found that the Burlington Skyway quite windy and after I crossed it it began to rain quite heavily and the visibility was not great.

I am glad that I don’t have drive anywhere too far anytime soon.  The drive was definitely very tiring!


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