Baie Comeau to Trois Rivieres

I didn’t manage to really sleep in but I am feeling a lot less tired today. Today’s drive was definitely more pleasant. There were many more places to stop and I didn’t have to worry about when I’d encounter another washroom!

I took a fairly quick look around Baie Comeau this morning before getting on the highway.  Other than some industrial areas, it looked to be a nice city.

day3 194

Baie Comeau

At Ragueneau, I noticed a sign for a lookout.  It was a really worthwhile stop though the road to the lookout was unpaved and very icy; it was certainly a bit reminiscent of the driving in Labrador.  Otherwise the roads today were pretty decent.  Before the Quebec City area, the highway had quite a few turns and hills but they weren’t as frequent and the I think the bare pavement made driving them feel a lot more comfortable.

day3 198


I took a short ferry ride across the river at Tadoussac.  It was a pretty short ride; I waited much longer to drive onto the ferry and then for the ferry to leave than I did actually moving on the ferry.  This was the first time I was a driver on a ferry; they really made sure the vehicles were parked close together!  After crossing the river, I stopped to take some pictures shortly afterward and by the time I got on the road again all the other vehicles from the ferry were in front of me.  I made me think that I’ll miss how easy it can be some places to make sure that you aren’t near any other vehicles!

day3 209

Waiting for the ferry at Tadoussac

Until close to Quebec City, the highway drove right through various towns which made the drive very interesting.  It looked like a lot of these towns are well-visited by tourists during the summer but most places were closed today.  There definitely weren’t many tourists around today.  I was surprised that I didn’t see a single vehicle (other than mine, of course) with a non-Quebec license plate.  I thought the town of Saint Simeon was particularly scenic though a bunch of the streets were much to steep for my liking (at least while driving).

day3 216

Saint Simeon

By the time I got towards Quebec City (though I didn’t actually drive too close to the actual city), the highway had become one that didn’t go through towns.   By that time there was some rain and snow.  The snow became fairly heavy after Quebec City and the visibility wasn’t the greatest but the road was quite straight so it wasn’t that big of deal.  I arrived in Trois Rivieres around 3:45 this afternoon.  I plan to look at the city a bit in the morning and then then if everything goes as planned I should be done driving by late afternoon!

day3 221

Just before the rain and then snow began


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