Labrador City to Baie Comeau

I left Labrador City around 7:40 (Atlantic time) this morning and arrived in Baie Comeau at 4 pm (Eastern time).  I stopped for a gas and a snack at Manic 5 and I stopped a few more times take pictures today.  I did most of the drive in the daylight but it was dark when I left Labrador City and when I arrived in Baie Comeau.  I think I am even more tired than I was yesterday.  I’ll let myself sleep in tomorrow but I doubt I”m capable of actually sleeping in!

The road I traveled today was definitely in much better condition than the road I drove yesterday.  However, I felt that I really needed to pay attention because there were constant turns and hills.  I don’t think there were very many straight sections that last more than a minute.  I think missing a sign could have very tragic consequences.

One of the many, many signs depicting turns on the road!

Early on in my drive I had to cross what seemed like a million railroad crossings; there actually may have only been about a dozen.

One of the railroad crossings.

I had to wait for about 35 minutes to cross a one lane bridge that was being worked on.  The sign said that the wait could have been up to an hour so I suppose I was somewhat lucky.  I crossed three one lane bridges today, one of which was rather scary; I also crossed one yesterday.  Once all the trucks that had waited at the same time as me had passed me, I literally didn’t see another vehicle behind me for three hours!  I saw a few more cars today but the traffic was still trucks.

The closed bridge.

Quebec provides emergency phones periodically along the highway rather than letting drivers borrow satellite phones.  As the phones were space rather far apart, I certainly felt safer yesterday having a satellite phone.

One of the emergency phones. You can see that they are located quite far apart!

I had heard Manic 5 was huge but I really wasn’t prepared for just how enormous it actually is.  I think it seems even larger because it really isn’t near anything!

Some of Manic 5. This is just a part of it!

The scenery today was truly amazing but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more as a passenger than as a driver!

Some of the scenery along the highway.

I was very happy to find that my hotel is located on a street with a lot of stuff.  I really didn’t feel like driving anywhere tonight!  As the fast food options weren’t appealing and I wasn’t in the mood for a meal at a sit-down restaurant, I opted to buy a salad and some fruit at the grocery store in the mall across the street.


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