A few days in Halifax

I’ve been on vacation in Halifax since Saturday evening. I’ll leave this afternoon. Today has been pretty rainy so I haven’t done much but otherwise the weather has been great for November! It was so nice to leave the blowing snow in Goose Bay on Saturday.

The view from the plane just before leaving Goose Bay.

This was a pretty cheap vacation as I booked the flights with Aeroplan miles and got a 4 star hotel on Priceline for just $61 per night. The room even had a view on the harbour though it was on a lower floor but I wasn’t expecting a harbourview at all so I was pleased.

The view from my hotel room.

It is definitely not tourist season here which has made museums and such quite quiet but also means that there were are less options of things to do. I managed to stay busy enough though (well, until today but that was because I didn’t want to spend too much time walking in the rain) and while the tour options were quite limited to did go on a tour to Peggys Cove with a unique form of transportation: the sidecar of a motorcycle!

The tour transporation.

The lighthouse at Peggys Cove.

I’m not exactly excited about heading back to Labrador tonight but it is only for three weeks. I’m really hoping the selling of my furniture goes smoothly!


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