There has been more snow!

I got my new car yesterday but I really haven’t driven it much yet as the weather has not been great and didn’t have anywhere I needed to go last night or today. It looks like tomorrow should be better. It seems like every time it warms up a bit it snows a lot! I must say that living here will almost certainly make the winter weather wherever I live next seem like nothing which I’m sure I’ll appreciate in the future.

Things are still not going well with the insurance company. It looks like I may have sue the guy that hit me in small claims court in order to get all the money I should. The whole insurance system just doesn’t seem remotely fair! I was very fortunate, however, that the dealership I leased the car from let me use a car for free for a few days until I could get my new car as the rental car did get cut off on Tuesday.

I have also been having Internet issues. It became so slow that it was completely useless every night around 7pm until I went to bed four nights in a row. Yet worked fine early in the morning and right after work. The first time I called I spent like an hour and half on the phone changing settings on my computer and stuff and the guy still seemed to think the problem was my computer! However, he called back half an hour later and said that after he talked to me he talked a guy living nearby who was having exactly the same problem! My monthly bill was significantly reduced. Last night the Internet was working so I am really hoping that things will start to improve.


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