I’m the idiot who had her tires changed last weekend …

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This morning


Just a few days ago

I somehow convinced myself that winter must be over and had my winter tires taken off my car last Saturday. We had been having relatively nice weather and the forecast looked like there wouldn’t be more snow coming. Yet yesterday morning there was enough snow to make the roads kind of slippery but I survived. The roads were a lot better once they finally put sand on them.

It snowed some more overnight and there is still precipitation coming down. It seems to be a mix of snow and freezing rain. While the amount of snow et cetera hasn’t been that significant it is a lot when you thought winter was over! The good thing is there is no reason for me to venture outside today; instead, I’m having reading and do laundry this morning. I am really, really, really hoping that this is the last bit of winter!

This post is NOT about weather … even though, the weather was actually great!

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I actually have something to write about other than the weather for once! I decided to go shopping in Edmonton this weekend. I hadn’t been anywhere in forever; the last time I even went to Saskatoon was the first day of February! The drive went pretty smoothly both ways though I there a bit of a delay entering Edmonton due to construction. It always amazes me how much traffic ends up slowing down when two lanes unexpectedly have to merge into one!

I went to a really good vegetarian restaurant for lunch. I had a lentil loaf that was covered with cashew gravy. I’d never had cashew gravy before and I think I may actually prefer to mushroom gravy (and I love mushroom gravy!).


The entrance to the restaurant


Lentil loaf etc.

After that, I went over to West Edmonton Mall. By the time, I got there it was rather busy. I decided to park in the overflow parking across the street that had plenty of spots which I think was a good decision; it looked crazy in the regular parking area! I still have trouble believing that it used to be the world’s largest mall. It just doesn’t seem that big to me!

I was pleasantly surprised with my hotel room. It only cost $86.11 including all the taxes. Booking.com has a 7.4 rating for this hotel which is not bad (I generally find that if a place is 7.0 or higher, it’s fine) but I was still a bit skeptical because the price was so low. It wasn’t a quiet as I’d like at first but by 11 it was very quiet and I slept well; so, I definitely can’t complain!

I headed to South Edmonton Commons this morning and I ended up purchasing a bit more than I thought I would but I got some good deals! Still, I probably should consider putting a moratorium on buying non-essential things for a month or two.

I attempted to have lunch at another vegetarian restaurant but I sat for fifteen minutes with the menu and my order still wasn’t taken and few people actually had any food. I thought it might take all afternoon to get anything to eat so I left and had another Harvey’s veggie burger. At least, this restaurant did not involve driving out of my way!

Before I left Edmonton, I bought a bunch of Indian sweets. I haven’t had them in ages. Hopefully, I’ll be able to eat them gradually but we’ll see.


Indian sweets

Consequences of not using Daylight Savings Time

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On the surface it would seem that life would be easier in places like Saskatchewan that don’t use Daylight Savings Time. While it is true that the time stays the same year-round there, I have encountered a couple of consequences of not using Daylight Savings Time. The first I’ve noticed is that the television shows end up being different times. This can definitely be annoying when a show I had watched when I got home from work is now over by the time I get home from work because it is now on earlier. This morning I noticed that the time on phone is now an hour ahead. The weird thing is that I didn’t have this problem when the time changed in the fall. I changed my time zone from Central to Saskatchewan (I hadn’t realized that was a time zone!) and though it looked fixed at first my phone is still an hour ahead. Hopefully, this problem works itself out as I think it could end up causing some confusion!


My phone is living in the future!


Every other time in my apartment is correct though.


Apparently “Saskatchewan” is one of the time zones!

For once, I will not be complaining about the weather. It was actually warm enough yesterday that I went for a walk and in the forecast the temperature is supposed to exceed zero every single day!

My very frozen window

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If I have the heat in my apartment on its lowest setting, my apartment gets pretty warm but if I turn the heat off it gets really cold after a while. So I’ve been alternating between turning the heat on and off which is fine during the day but not so much fun when I have to walk to my dining room in the middle of the night! Today a rather obvious suggestion was made to me which I had somehow not thought of: to keep the window in bedroom open a little while keeping the heat on all night. I attempted to open my window this evening but it that is presently impossible! I knew that the windows in my apartment weren’t the greatest and there was so frost on them but I was not prepared for just how frozen this window was!  The good news is that I think that opening just the inner window is definitely allowing some cold air in.


My very frozen bedroom window


A closer view!

It’s -23 but according to The Weather Network “rain could be on it’s way”

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Yes, I’m writing any post about the weather. Clearly, nothing is really happening in my life.

Anyway, I was just looking on The Weather Network’s website and noticed that the temperature had risen to -23 which is sadly a considerable improvement over the -30 I saw this morning.  I also noticed the following message beside the current temperature: “It is sunny now but rain could be on it’s way, track the precipitation with your Satellite and Radar map.”  Of course, there is a zero percent chance of this at these temperatures!  You’d think The Weather Network would realize this.


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